Why Choose BevFit: BevFit Advantages

Our BevFit range had been designed to the highest specifications specifically for the beverage industry with exceptional product features including cleanability and hygiene properties, superior gripping, ease of use, technical characteristics, compact profile and one of the most eco friendly products due to its renewable biobased high performance polymer material. The key benefits of BevFit provide real return on investment making it an easy decision to use our products in your beverage systems.

Zero Retention for 100% Cleanability

  • Up to 10 times fewer microbial cells settle on inner surfaces (compared to traditional collet technology fittings)
  • 99.9% of bacteria and yeast cells are eliminated during line cleaning (as compared to 50%)
  • Risk of contamination drastically reduced

Superior Quality for Tangible Results

  • 100% unit quality control and date coding guarantees quality and traceability
  • Approved for contact with food & beverages (FDA)
  • High chemical resistance (to chlorine, cleaning agents, UV...)
  • Superior mechanical resistance over time

Advanced Technology... from the Trusted Inventor of the Instant Fitting

  • Advanced patented gripping design: allows for total gripping on both stainless steel and polymer without a groove
  • One design for all tubing
  • The most compact profile on the market
  • 100% bio-based body and thread
  • Patented EPDM sealing technology
  • No pumping effect

Technical Characteristics

Registered Design (pat. EP0616164 & US5445395)

Superior Hygiene properties

Process hygiene plays a major role in the production of high quality beer.
The BevFit fitting introduces a new connector design that performs exceptionally well, allowing up to 10 times fewer microbial cells to settle on its inner surfaces compared to the leading competitorʼs fitting.

Additionally, bacteria and yeast cells are totally eliminated during line cleaning: 99.9%. This drastically reduces the risk of contamination.

Compared micro-organism contamination (cfu/arera) before and after cleaning cycle*

* According to tests carried out by an independent laboratories.

Better Gripping

  • One product for all kinds of tubing: no twisting, no tooling, no groove = instant direct connection.
  • Total gripping on stainless steel without a groove.

For more information on the BevFit Gripping Technology visit the Gripping Technology page »

Compact Profile

The fitting with the most compact profile on the market.

Environmentally Friendly

The BevFit fittingʼs body is manufactured from a unique, 100% renewable biobased high performance polymer, to expand the use of non-fossil-based resources.

CO2 emissions are therefore 5 times lower than those of classic polymer fittings.

Best Environmental Footprint of the Market

  • 5 times less CO2 Fewer hazardous substances
  • Low fossil material consumption

RMD = Raw material depletion
ED = Energy depletion
WD = water depletion
GW = Global warm
OD = Ozone depletion
AT = Air toxicity
POC = Photo ozone creation
AA = Air acidification
WT = Water toxicity
WE = Water eutrophication
HWP = Hazardous waste product

Material performances

-10°C -> +95°C

Max pressure at room temperature 5/16, 3/8 & 1⁄2: 12 bar

  • Superior mechanical resistance to ensure long life expectation
  • Perfect chemical resistance to chlorine, chloramines, UV, alcohol...

Highly certified around the world

Premium Manufacturing

100% Verified and leakproof-tested parts

Traceability code

Tamper-evident safety clip

  • Locks the release button
  • Provides evidence of tampering
  • 6 colours to identify the circuits

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