Why Choose BevFit: Hygiene Benefits

This BevFit connector is intended for the dispensing of liquids. It has many positive features: it is of compact build, the outer body is made of a sustainable biomaterial, and it is resistant to chemicals, pressures up to 16 bar (@40°C) and high temperatures (95°C). Its unique sealing design minimises movemen t in the system, thereby preventing any pumping effect.

The very small ʻdeadʼ space inside the connector means that only minute volumes of liquid are able to reside within the connector upon dispense. This minimises the potential for microbiological contaminants settling within the BevFit device and thereby reducing the risk of potential contamination of dispensed product. BevFit connectors have a smaller dead space than the previous standard connectors, making it more promising in terms of minimising microbiological risk compared to that of the UK market leaderʼs connectors.

BevFit's Cleaning Cycle

The ‘cleanability’ of the BevFit connectors is excellent with nearly 100% of microbial contamination being removed, whereas up to 50% of bacteria and yeast remained on the competitor product following cleaning.

Collet technology

Test show important beer retention after the cleaning cycle (yellow fluid)


No remaining beer after cleaning

Independent Test Results

BRI Validation test

Independent UK laboratory specialized in microbiological contamination tests for the beer industry

Objectives of the Test

Quantify bacterial growth and cleaning capability

Test Protocol

  • BEVFit and competitor fittings set on a single straight line
  • 3 weeks of sped up contamination at 25°C (to create a biofilm)
  • Once a week, biofilm feeding (to help bacteria development: aerobic, anaerobic, yeast)
  • End of the 4th week: cleaning for 50% of the fittings without disconnection
  • Bacteria sampling and development
    • 3 to 7 days for aerobic/anaerobic bacteria
    • 2 areas were sampled independently
  • A1 protected area
  • A2 very limited area in constant contact with the flow

The Line Tested

Test Results

  • Up to 3 times fewer microbial cells
  • "Cleanability" of the BevFit near 100% (99,9%)
  • Up to 10 times fewer microbial cells
  • "Cleanability" of the low retention near 100% (99,9%)

CFU: Colony Forming Unit


The video & Campden BRI test shows

During bacteria growth:
  • BevFit: 3 times less bacteria growth than traditional collet technology
After cleaning
  • BevFit: no bacteria left
  • Collet technology: 50% of bacteria remaining + possible presence of cleaning product


Collet Technology

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