Why Choose BevFit: Gripping Technology

Current solution for stainless steel gripping

Standard collet technology must use pre-grooved tubing

  • Tube preparation,
  • difficult retrofit

Special fittings can grip on smooth tubing

  • Operating time,
  • difficult setting in tiny spaces,
  • doesn’t fit with polymer tubing,
  • 2 ranges on the shelves

Stainless steel gripping

BevFit's advanced gripping system enables 100% gripping on all kinds of tubing

5 connections / disconnections guaranteed on smooth stainless steel tube

Test protocol

Parker test shows:

  • 5 connections and disconnections on smooth tube (stainless steel, Brewmaster 2)
  • Burst pressure > 36 bar
  • Pressure cycle test: 50 000 cycles (0 -> 7 bar at 0.5 hz)
  • No scratches on plastic tubing: leakage test verification


Gripping on smooth stainless steel
Gripping on soft tubing with same fitting

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